Circle Head , Punjab, J&K, HP, HR Joined: April 09 –March 2010)

Appointed as circle Manager for J&K. Additional charge of Punjab / HP/ HR given in the month of July 09.

Responsible for the BD/ P&L/NB

Notable Achievements

✓ Instrumental in establishing business operations, Channel development in all the circles.
✓ Total revenue generated of Rs. 1.5 cr on monthly basis for 4 circles.
✓ Open business account for the first time with Vodafone/ WTTL and Nokia Siemens Nokia.
✓ Successfully achieved 26% share of the Indus project for Punjab in favor of TVSICS.
✓ Got appreciation on the completion of ITIL project.
✓ Cost cutting in O&M to bring the circle into profits.
✓ Accountable for P & L of the Circle and made the teams understand Execution, Billing and Collection to make the circle in profits.
✓ Cleared a billing worth Rs 1.7 Cr pending since last one year with ITIL.
✓ Appoint of quality vendors for all the circles.
✓ Responsible for building and leading a team of 70+ people.
✓ Taking care of both top line as well as bottom line
✓ Ensuring superior service to the existing clients as well as develop relationship with new clients to generate new business
✓ Generating new stream of business over and above the basic mode of business(Telecom)
✓ Cost optimization: keeping cost under control as per the AOP